Dive, Drive, & Get Live: A Thailand for Everyone


Feeling the chill of the impending winter coming on? No worries, the land of smiles is here to warm you up.

For travels initiated with the country, simply hearing the word Thailand evokes memories of a  sheer smorgasbord of exciting activities. This is great for those of us with more spontaneous travel urges, as Thailand is a prime destination filled with warm-weather, year-round offerings. Alternatively, for the travel who always needs an itinerary, Thailand is still happy to accommodate. Pair Thailand’s everything for everyone personality with overarching Thai hospitality, and you’ve got a hot destination that the gay community can agree is great for making adventure and experiences.

Whether you’re a beach lounger, a night-owl with a penchant for having fun between twilights, or an avid adventurer, we’ve created a short but comprehensive list of some of the top year round destinations throughout Thailand, as well as a list of gay events coming up in 2018.

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For The Adventurers:

Whether it’s on on the surf, or on the backroads, everyone should spend some time exploring the water and wilds of Thailand. There are heaps of activities, and for some, that might be a problem who suffer from chronic cases of FOMO (because in Thailand, there’s always too much fun stuff going on at once!) Many of these activities can be found in different areas of Thailand, so you shouldn’t have many problems finding operators.

Let’s hit the turf first. If you’re willing to put in a little bit of muscle, take a trip up north to Chiang Mai. The area is history heavy and mountainous, and rewards the expeditious traveler with an assortment of adventure. Chiang Mai is also known as the “Rose of the North,” and for good reason. If you’re traveling with your beau, make sure you take some time hiking through Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand, and take in the scenic vistas and beautiful temple architecture. Want to get higher? Book a hot air balloon flight in Chiang Mai.


If you’re down to get a little more rough and tumble, ATV tours are abundant in different areas of Thailand. Take a ferry to some of the islands off the coast of Thailand like Koh Samui or Koh Pha Ngan, hop on an ATV with your beau, and take an adventure into the jungle!

Next up? Grab a paddle! Our next step takes us onto the waters of Thailand. Thailand is great for watersports, whether it be by speedboat, kayak, or ferry, but Phang Nga Bay is the decisive go-to most of them, and is a must-go for anyone staying in Phuket. Take a guided water tour of Phang Nga caves by kayak for an experience weaving between the numerous water caves.

If you want to discover what lies below the water, you can also grab some scuba gear, and start snorkeling!


For The Night-Owl:

Gay culture is alive in Thailand, and you never have to travel far from where you’re staying in order to find bars, clubs, and lounges. If you find yourself looking for nightlife, it might be a good idea to stay either in Phuket or Bangkok. Phuket is home to one of Thailand’s biggest areas for gay clubs, Paradise Complex.

If you somehow manage to run out of fun nightlife in Phuket (impossible) dancing, drinking, partying galore also come alive in Bangkok! The best direction to head in is by making a direct beeline for Silom Road. Silom 2 and 4 are constantly bubbling with energy, and features a lot of fun in a relatively compact region, making for great bar hopping. Start your adventure on Silom 4, and follow the fun to Silom 2 as the night goes on. Click here for a more detailed list on what’s what and where’s where at Silom Road.


For the Beach Bum:

We get it, you’re on vacation in one of the world’s best known beach getaway locations, and you need it to be relaxing and romantic. Thailand hosts a number of sandy, white beaches, and the best part of the trip for some people is just owning a small, intimate beach oasis, looking out on the water as the sun sets. For those travelers looking for that relaxing or romantic getaway alone or with their man, follow the link here.


Upcoming Festivals:

Of course, we can’t forget Songkran, and once you’ve been, neither will you! If you’re looking to make the most of spring break, or just in the mood to travel this April, make sure you check out some of the LGBT events coming up for the three-day Thai New Year water festival. GCircuit is one of Thailand’s ultimate gay parties, and takes place every year during Songkran in Bangkok, so make sure to check back when their schedule is finished.

Additionally, TropOut will be serving up festivals to remember next year, and will kick off the New Year in high fashion with parties and events in Koh Samui from January 2nd until the 7th. For those arriving for Songkran, TropOut will be celebrating in Phuket from the 15th of April until the 22nd. TropOut and draws men from across the world all to one place to party, relax, explore, and make new friends. With all these events in Thailand this year, it’s pretty obvious that for us, Thailand is where the party’s at!

Remember — Go Thai, Be Free!

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