Fighting Fit in Rayong

You can’t miss the fact that it’s high season here in Thailand – the entire country is packed with tourists, many of them LGBTQ. Take a stroll down the streets of central Bangkok at this time of year and you’re bound to end up with a sore neck – hot muscular guys in skimpy shirts wherever you look. Many of them are here for awesome parties – White Party in Bangkok followed by TropOut in Koh Samui.

big pay new year party bangkok

This year I decided to take a break from the crowds & party as I wanted to enter 2018 feeling healthy, fit, energized (and sober). Perhaps I’m getting old and boring?

In response to Thailand’s continued growth in popularity, new areas adjacent to traditional tourist destinations are rapidly developing.  Luckily for us they’re often as beautiful however without the throngs of tourists, allowing them to retain a level of innocence and Thai charm lost to more popular destinations.

In the past I’d travelled to both Pattaya and the island of Koh Samet, however I’d never stopped at the relatively unloved and unknown coastal town of Rayong, which lies between the two.   That is, until now.

I’m currently at the Tree Roots Retreat in Rayong, lounging by the pool with a very large mojito and a good book. I’ve just been for an hour long walk along an almost deserted beach and through a quaint fishing village.

tree roots retreat

Other than a cool, light sea breeze, I’m surrounded by absolute silence. As the sun sets and I fall into a deep state of relaxation, I’m certain that my decision to skip the big gay party in Bangkok is the correct choice.   Maybe I’ll regret this tomorrow.

tree roots pool

You see the reason I’ve come to Tree Roots Retreat is because they’ve promised to “reach and awaken my inner warrior”, “prepare me for full contact living” and “supercharge my life and career” (it’s possible the Bangkok White Party could have achieved the first two but I want the whole package).

training in thailand

From early tomorrow morning, for the next few days we’ll be practicing aerial yoga, jiu jitsu, ‘mindfulness in action’ and I’ll be learning how to defend myself using a special defense technique known as The Crazy Monkey. When not training, I’ll be surfing or stand-up paddle boarding or reading a book from the extensive library while munching on delicious healthy food. By the time 2018 appears, I’m going to be calm, fit and fabulous (and a little dangerous).

get fit in thailand

The brainchild of founder Aaron Le Boutillier, the vision of Tree Roots is to combine mindfulness, movement and meditation through martial arts, cardiovascular exercise, architecture, art, literature and design. Tree Roots couldn’t be more LGBTQ friendly and are happy to design packages to suit any LGBTQ group – just another great reason to bring a group of friends to Thailand for a holiday.

the crazy monkey self defense

Have a wonderful new year’s celebration. I hope your 2018 will be as fabulous as you are (and I intend to be in 5 days – wish me luck) and that we will see you in Thailand in 2018! Go Thai, Be Free.

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