Friendsgiving In Thailand: Making the Most of Your Thailand Holiday Vacation

It’s that time of year again. Copious amounts of food stacked on the table, gift giving galore, and family and friends flocking to your doorstep. Of course, you could be flocking elsewhere.

With the best of the season comes the worst, and that means cold weather, shovels, heavy jackets, and cranking up the indoor temperature to battle away from the blistering cold.

Fabulously famous as a warm weather magnet and with the worries of the rainy season out of the way, Thailand’s perfectly suited for an early, mid, or late winter getaway. For gay guys, especially so.

Aside from the obvious fact that it’s t-shirt and tank top weather, there are plenty of hosts around the country welcoming visitors for exclusive events, homestays and experiences for gay guys around this time, inviting us to visit, making for a feel-good way to support local Thai businesses. It’s very likely that the new year and holiday season is only second in popularity for gay men to those flocking to the country for Songkran. The heavy variety of gay-operated itineraries makes it easy to get away and gather up with new and old buddies.

In the spirit of Friendsgiving, we’ve figured out the way to extend the holiday over a couple of weeks this holiday season, and with more than just food. Follow us for ideas on getting away and give true thanks for actual holiday warmth with friends over the holiday season.

Whether you’re group gallivanting or if you’re alone and looking to connect with other men, you know you won’t get many chances to ring in the New Year hours ahead of everyone back home. Why not celebrate one year celebrating straight from the beachside, or spend your post-turkey day toning things down with the ultimate authentic men’s massage?

Once you’ve packed up, traveled out and had a welcoming celebration with your favorite Thai food for Friendsgiving, dive into some of these tailored and semi-casual group adventures.

Splashing into the holidays



Looking for on-sea adventure? If you’re vying to grab a paddle and set out on Thailand’s sapphire waters, there’s a couple of options geared perfectly for group guided or choose-your-own-adventure travel with friends.

One of the easy ways is to hit the beach in Krabi and take the trek about the Phi Phi Islands. An extra pair of hands never hurt rafting amongst limestone caves and waters, even if the other person is live streaming the oh-so Instagrammable experience.


Alternatively, for close-knit travel groups or guys looking to meet new people, the aptly named Hot BuOYs (get it?) Sailing trip is inviting aboard eight guys aboard per itinerary on a series of trips this winter on their yacht. The service has been happily sailing the so-claimed “largest gay-owned yacht” for ten years through Southeast Asia and is offering a nearly endless marathon of trips specifically through the waters of Thailand for the entire month of December through the start of March. Plenty of time to pack and pick out your favorite swimming trunks, right?


Guests will frequent through a variety of different sights and less-frequented beaches in Southern Thailand over the trip, promising a cool adventure on the water and off. Booking isn’t the prettiest, but we promise the beaches, boys, and sunsets just might be.

If you’re still in love with the water but would like more single or couples experiences without the longer term itinerary commitment, trek your way to island adventures on and around Samui.


Rainbow Scuba and Tours invites LGBT visitors to enjoy scuba classes guiding travelers through the coastal waters of Thailand. Not only is the group great for scuba, but the owners are widely appreciated for providing a guiding hand both below the sea and on the road for travelers looking for recommendations and fun.

Jungle Jaunts and City Haunts


Of course, except for the one-off experiences, it can be overwhelming to customize a Friendsgiving trip for the winter with your friends, especially if you’re looking to book quickly and get going. One of the solutions for this is served up by OutAdventures, which is once again offering a great gay experience for the holiday that totally embodies the idea of Friendsgiving.

The adventure touches on a ton of sights and experiences, giving a taste of many regions in Thailand, from the north to the south.


The experience kicks off in the heart of Bangkok for city adventures, leaving enough room to enjoy the essence of gay nightlife at the end of the day. After the parties and perusal of the gay district, the adventure takes an effortless adventure into Chiang Mai to explore regions filled with temples and mountains, even providing a group cooking lesson to really prep your skills for Friendsgiving.

The trip winds down in Phuket, giving a smooth beachside sunset to chill under, and leaving just enough time for some mild bronzing.

While there’s always more to see in Thailand, we can happily say that for an in-depth gay adventure during the holidays, it doesn’t get much better. Trust us, we’ll let you know if it does.

Of course, for a bit more of a pulse-pounding experience with the guys, TropOut is still calling for 2018! For the newly initiated, you can read on about last year’s experience here, and check out TropOut’s website for limited bookings.



The adventure takes travelers on a near-nonstop experience circuit through South Thailand’s Koh Samui, and lays anchor at Alpha Gay Resort, one of our other favorite spots in the area. Yacht and pool parties, rejuvenating massages, yoga, and did we say parties? We’ve never been so partied out and pampered, and year after year, we can’t wait to do it again.

Did you like what you see? Did you book what you see? Let us know where your Friendsgiving takes you in Thailand by getting in touch with us over on Facebook and Twitter!





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