LGBTQ-Friendly Spas Across Thailand


Songkran celebrations were wet and wild this year in the LGBTQ community throughout Thailand! The country’s climate lends itself to quick fatigue if you’re not used to the heat, so this water festival was well welcomed during the hottest time of the year! (Or is it that all the shirtless parties made it so hot? Who knows!)


During the Thai New Year festivities, you can find yourself running around outside all day in the sun, and dancing and partying all night. What does this mean for our bodies, minds, and energy? While it means pure bliss and excitement during, it can often mean a big crash afterward. Thai Gay Travel is here to give you a treat after all the great times you’ve had during Songkran. Welcome to the list of top LGBTQ Spas to attend post-Songkran, when you’re most wiped out!


Read on to explore some of the best options for you to get a sweet spa day (or a few!) in well known and highly praised LGBTQ friendly spas. For more quality info, head back to our Top Hotels Blog Post, where you’ll find a couple similarities in the lists!


SO Sofitel Bangkok


Image: Kiwi Collection


Discover pure bliss amidst the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. SO Sofitel is well known on Go Thai Be Free as an amazing hotel, party spot, pool, and drink locale. But something you may not have known about SO Sofitel is how incredible their spa experiences are. This hotel’s design is made up of beauty and luxury. But did you also know that it is also made up of amazing convenience, service, and attention to detail?  Their spa treatments are relaxing and pampering. You can even have the privacy of your own en-suite spa experience! Talk about rejuvenation, and you don’t even have to travel outside your hotel room!


137 Pillars House (in Chiang Mai)


Image: Helipad on Heels


Did your Songkran partying amongst hundreds of beautiful guys, albeit sweaty and crowded? This next spa will take you out of your element and into spaciousness and peace! This location of 137 Pillars lies in the beautiful Chiang Mai of Northern Thailand. Already a magical getaway, 137 Pillars contains a spa, pool, and gym all within their gorgeous location. Their spa treatments are in high demand, and for a reason! If physical and spiritual refreshment is in demand, 137 Pillars has you covered with Yoga or Thai Chi classes upon request.


Bhu Nga Spa (in Krabi)


Image: Bhu Nha Spa


Escape to Krabi! This province is known for being home to those looking to escape the loud and busy lifestyle. Perhaps you met someone during your Songkran partying? Going to this spa with someone you’d like to get to know better is a beautiful and romantic idea! Known for its beach life, Krabi will supply you with all the relaxation you need after the festivities. From steam rooms to body scrubs, Indian head massages to traditional Thai massage, you’ll be brand new after a treatment from this spa. You and a loved one will be free of any party-hangovers in this oasis!


Trisara Resort (in Phuket)


Image: Travel for Senses


Trisara’s meaning is “The garden in the third heaven” – so just let that inform your fantasies about this spa! Phuket is party central with plenty of beachfront resorts, restaurants, and bars – as you well know from Songkran! But serenity is just around the corner at Trisara’s Jara Spa where you can completely realign your energy, body, and mind. Be pampered after all of that moving, shaking, and water shooting of Songkran celebrations. Plus, with 39 pool villas and suites, you and someone special will have plenty of space and time to explore this newfound sense of relaxation!


No matter where you are in Thailand, you will be surrounded by happiness. But sometimes that happiness means partying all night, and you’ll need to bounce back from that! Whether you are staying in a big city, mountain resort, or somewhere in between, there is always relaxation to be found in Thailand. Check out any one of these incredible LGBTQ friendly spas to rejuvenate, relax, and continue to start the Thai New Year off to an amazing start!


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