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Modern wonder of the world? The Babylon Bangkok Bed and Breakfast

The Babylon Bangkok Bed & Breakfast (with Sauna & Spa) has been voted by many gay travellers as one of the modern wonders of the world.  An urban oasis exclusively for gay men, there’s plenty of low hanging fruit in this garden.  Whilst I personally normally avoid “exclusively gay”, after spending time at Babylon Bangkok I’ve had a change of heart and I’m in fact quite taken.

Just as there are 7 wonders of the world, I’ll give you my 7 reasons why you’ll be taken by this modern wonder:

(1) Spoilt for choice. With accommodation choices ranging from basic budget rooms (with shared bathrooms & communal showers…ooh la la) to larger (and lusher) fully-serviced suites, the main barracks building also has many beautiful, airy and tasteful communal spaces for you to spread out, relax and mingle.

barracks room

Budget barracks rooms with shared showers…


barracks double room

Barracks double room

If you’d prefer a little more privacy and/or distance from the action, stay in one of the 19 garden suites or one of the lovely rooms (4) of Botticelli house (with their own private sitting rooms).   It’s refreshing to have such a choice.  For me personally, I like my privacy but I also hate to miss out on the action – I’d suggest a couple of nights in the barracks before moving over to a garden suite.

colonial charm with thai antiques

One of the beautiful Botticelli suites

Babylon 3b

(2) Hanging gardens of Babylon.  Like its namesake, the gardens of Babylon are absolutely stunning.  The owner is an avid gardener who evidently takes immense pride and care in his work. Seriously, these are some of the finest, most diverse, well-planned gardens you’ll ever see.  Savor them.

amazing gardens

beautiful gardens

(3) Design.  Ancient Greece and Egypt collide with the mystic Far East, couched in a modern industrial design.   Sound a bit much?  In fact not.  The giant muscular stone men (and various other marble, slate and stonework detailing) adds grandeur and a little bit of camp fun without being overbearing.  Dotted throughout the entire property (especially the garden suites and Botticelli house) is the most amazing array of beautiful Asian antiques (part of the owner’s private collection) as well as various modern artworks.  It’s worth taking time to appreciate these rare and valuable pieces.


Full of antiques and inviting spaces

Full of antiques and inviting spaces

(4) Spirit.  Babylon embraces a philosophy celebrating community and human spirit.  With numerous beautiful communal areas throughout the property begging you to take a rest & relax, all of a sudden you’ll find yourself talking to a stranger, swapping stories and laughter.  Suddenly you’ll find you’ve made a new friend, perhaps several.  You can easily escape to your room…but you know what…it’s nice making new friends.

greco roman meets egypt meets modern design

great massage

(5) Bang for your buck.  The rates are great value. Although there are lower priced hotels in Bangkok, they’re unlikely to have such magnificent gardens, stunning décor and additional spaces to spread out and enjoy.  And once you include breakfast, the restaurant & spa (offering extremely high quality and value) as well as access to the main sauna area (with pool, gym, jacuzzi, sauna, steam etc), dare I say you’re getting some pretty good bang for your buck.  However be warned, in line with point 4 (Spirit), Babylon Barracks doesn’t pretend to be a 5 star hotel (they’d rather emulate a homey family atmosphere, hence why they refer to themselves as a Bed & Breakfast).  The staff, while polite and friendly, keep a distance (they’d prefer for you to meet other guests) and there is no room service (the restaurant is open from midday until 930pm each day).

fully equipped gym full of hot men

(6) Foam parties.  Yep you heard me right, there are regular foam parties.  Need I say more (next is March 29 – check the online calendar)

foam party

(7) Sharing is caring.  You’ll be sharing the gym, spa, sauna, pool and restaurant with day visitors (however it’s mostly hotel guests before 5pm on weekdays).  For some of you, the volume of men in towels is the key reason you’ll be staying here. However if it’s not your thing, you needn’t hang around this part of the facility during busy times (after 5pm).  Enjoy your beautiful room and the gardens, or the rest of Bangkok.

pool and restaurant

(8) Did I say 7 reasons?  Why stop at 7?   Perhaps there’s an 8th reason (and 8th wonder of the world) waiting for you at Babylon?  Go get him, Tiger!

Babylon is located close to the gay area of Silom and the MRT Lumpini station.  Bookings are only made direct with the hotel.  Special offers are provided for longer stays and customers below 30 years of age (or with a combined age of less than 60 for couples).  The hotel is busy year round with customers from all over the world and all age groups – make sure to book ahead.

As a special honeymoon offer for readers of our blog, any gay couples who marry in 2014 will receive 50% off the published rate for a stay in Botticelli house between May 20 and October 20, 2014 (please ensure you mention the offer when making reservations and make sure to bring a copy of your marriage license/certificate).


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  1. July 25, 2016 @ 2:45 pm Jason

    Absolutely awesome. I read a lot of reviews when deciding where to go in Bangkok, and this was by far the best choice. I stayed in the hotel and visited the sauna 2 days in a row. I don’t think that other sites like tripadvis…. Let you express true happenings and experience. I hope this gets read by people like me that are spending a lot of time and reading reviews to see which sauna to experience. Had I based this decision on some of the reviews that mention ageism, or facility let downs or staff let downs, I would not have went. After being there for 2 days, I can’t wait to return! First, I am a 47 year old male that fortunately looks less, about 42 and I keep myself in okay shape. I was nervous that this would be like some of the sauana I have dared to visit in is not. The staff at desk was great, the male that checked me in walked me up to room, when I asked if I go to the strip bar area and bring a guy home will I need to check with reception. The host clerk said if I wanted to arrange a I room massage he could set one for me. He also was very clear that ” boom boom is okay”. I laughed, and said I would get back with him. It was 3 o’clock of Friday afternoon and by my ownbadI thought I had booked during a foam party, but had missed it by a week. I only found that out at check into I went to desk to ask ” when is best time to go to sauana for max people” . The friendly clerks both said ” now, now, go now” . I followed their advice. I later could see what they meant. My goal was the jacuzzi , I always enjoy a naked jacuzzi, it allows you to be exposed and yet be in water and watch others, it makes touching seeing and everything a pleasure. So you all know, the jacuzzi building is across outside court yard from main gym and where lockers are. A lot of people do not speak English there, so asking for it took a bit. Well worth it. The steam rooms are great too. They are just mazes of walls, dark and steam. I will cut short here on long stories. I probably gave over. 10 guys head in the steam rooms and received about 5 blow jobs with a lot of grabbing, tugging, playing between. Age did not matter as we could not see, being fit on he other hand kinda helped” lots of guys pass by you and touch what they want. It is very true that all you have to do is push a hand away if you don’t want, and vice versa, respect if a person pushes your hand away. It was a lot of fun. Let go of inhibitions and just feel free to express yourself. In the dark, there was no words, just some moans and a few giggles. Good times. Too many times, especially Americans, will go to saunas and almost wear a denial of where they are and what they are there for. Don’t do that. If you like the look of someone , touch them, what can go wrong, everyone knows why they are there. I went for a shower before I was going to the jacuzzi and I saw a really handsome guy showering with a rather long semi erect penis. I just stepped into his shower area and aid ” that’s a nice cockcan I touch it fora second” . I’m pretty sure he did not understand my language and I think he was Russian..but while I played with his penis , he just stared at me with a smile. I went on my way to the jacuzzi. This started as a typical scene. 2 older and heavy guys sitting way across from each other, the water is Luke warm, not hot. But, I sat for a couple minutes and realized nothing was going to happen here, so stupid I thought. But, I was not in the mood to get started, so I , like so many others had, got up and grabbed my towel and went to check out other stuff. I went into a dry sauna, very hot. When I walked in an younger Chinese guy was sitting on lower bench and had been giving head to a young black guy from states. The Chinese guy stopped and kind of felt like he had been doing wrong or wanted privacy. He just sat there staring at the porn playing, which is on a small tv in each dry sauna. I layer down across top bench and exposed my stuff with towel under me. I said to the black guy ” oh, I’m sorry, did I interrupt ..please tell him to go ahead, don’t mind me, or I can go?” The best thing I heard this young American say : ” yeah, right, I mean we’re ina gay sauana,” I laughed. The Chinese guy left and the black guy followed. I waited a few minutes and a heavy set Asian guy came I and made small talk with me. Eventually his hands wandered over to my cock and he got me worked up and started to give me head while we kept talking, people came in and went as we did this. Again, I could care less, I learned long ago..just go with it, it is why we are all there. Now, back to the jacuzzi..what a pure delight tht turned into. I also learned why the desk clerks said ” go now” . After about 6pm on any night, a shift in clients rolls in, lots of youth and more foreign speaking kids, and most likely a lot of Thai pour in. But, yet earlier the competition was not so bad and crowds less. I went into jacuzzi and I could see in the dark corner and older heavy white guy was giving head to a younger Asian kid. Most other sat around watching, some hovering. I found myself sitting next to a handsome , older Chinese guy with glasses on! I had nothing to loose , so I slowly moved my hand onto his leg, he did not stop me, and I started to play with his soft cock. I loved it’ I moved his foreskin up and over and played with his ball sack a bit. It was pure fun. He worked up a large erection and I asked him if I could bring his butt up a bit so I can suck his dick” he motioned no” but, when he was super hard, he grabbed my hand and stopped me” I was not sure what it was about, but stopped and happened to notice that a really hot. Young Thai guy with ripped stomach had been sitting next to us watching. I slid over next to him and sked if I could grab his cock” I was shocked how big it was and how nice it felt. I don’t think he understood a lot of what I said. But, I basically said ” dude, please let me suck your dick” and at the same time wedged a leg under his ass to prop his cock out of the water. It was nice” a crowd gathered soon. I let everyone have turns at it, I did not mind sharing the wealth. Between this. I was hand jobbed, sucked and played with while we all motioned around. In the end, I was giving him a foot massage while another guy blew him. I got a few more sucks in and he finally said the only English he would say all night ” I’m gonna cum” and he did” . After he left, I went back to my older Chinese guy, who again let me work him up, is time I was really slow and played with his thighs, fingered his ass etc. he finally whispered into my ear ” I’m trying to save my cum is why I stopped you” ” I replied with ” oh , cool, me too, just push my hand away when your ready and I will stop” . I worked hi up, got him to stand in the water so I could properly give him some good head. Then back into the water. He then told me he wanted me to ” finish him off before he leaves” I did. This whole experience was so awesome. I spent about a hour in the jacuzzi. I needed a break and to stop breathing the heavy chlorine” . I showered , played around with some of the younger guys that had come in after work and blew one more guy I the shower. I returned to the hotel side. My favorite clerk was at desk” I smiled at him and said ” ya know, that sauna was awesome, and I am almost too tired, and a pat of me wants to do that message thing tonite and part wants to wait till tomorrow ” the clerk said, the choice is yours. I went to my room, realized I had been edged all day, had a hug load I was going to hand release or die in my sleep for not doing it. I went back to the desk and was frank with the desk clerk. ” I want a younger , hot guy that does not have to be muscular , but thin and let’s me suck hi a little between the massage, as well, I don’t want boom boom, but I want him to either hand finish me off or give me head till I cum”. The clerk was perfect, and said ” I have just the guy for you, and what time you want him there?” I said I needed 30 minutes. Sure enough, 30 minutes, he delivered a reLly nice guy , about 20 years old,who he walked into the room with , introduced and left with a smile” the guy was just what I wanted and I said ” can I take your shorts off you? He replied with ” you can do whatever you want” he then lifted his arms, so I removed his shorts, exposing a nice cock with clean shaven pubes. I gave him head for a minute, and he gave me an awesome naked massage, constantly sliding his hard dick across my back and butt” . When he mounted above my head and to do my lower back from my shoulder side, he let me take his hard dick in my mouth for some more taste of him” . I a not a big ass eating guy, but , he ate my ass anyway, and it was eexotic as fuck” he slipped a condo, on and said he wanted to fuck me, I said ” no way, I couldnt, it don’t” if I ever was going to let that happen, it would have been there, this guy was hot. I asked him if he could just finish me off by hand and mouth and let me explode. Then I would want to finish hi off. It ended just as that, I tipped him extra and he vanished. The cost was cheap too by the way, about 70 usd for that session. I had the same kind of fun the next day, excep this time I let a guy finish blowing me in the jacuzzi till I came” . I can’t say enough good things about Babylon, just do it. Jason


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