Nap Patong Phuket

Modernity…Patong Style

Nap Patong Phuket

Upon arriving to The Nap Patong, we were delighted to find not only a full service hotel but a well designed one. The Nap Patong is sort of the love child of a Thai hotel and Californian design aesthetic. When deciding on a hotel, one is usually challenged with the decision of something more urban or something more beachy/coastal, and the best part  – it’s just a 5 minute walk from the LGBTQ nightlife scene at Paradise Cove.

The Nap Patong is a delightful hybrid of both desires. It’s both in proximity to the calming shores of the beach as well as within walking distance of an electric nightlife. Here are a few of my favorite amenities:

While an unconventional choice, I consider the check in lobby to be an amenity in itself due to its open and airy lounge-like atmosphere. You can settle into a comfy couch for a chat with friends or while you wait for your room to be prepared. Secondly, since the check in lobby is free and open, it’s a great spot to sit and people watch.

The 76 Bar Drink & Dine is another great offering from Nap Patong which creates the feeling of being in a more urban community due to its wide ranging hours of operations and decorative flair. Whether you’re sitting at the trendy bar or in front of the breathtaking rock lined waterfall you’re guaranteed to have a great meal and refreshing cocktail all at a reasonable price point. The 76 Bar Drink & Dine also provides room service and a pool menu if you wish to dine solo or poolside.

Nap Patong Pool

The pool at Nap Patong is also impressive in that it’s not there as a gimmick or add on but as an integral part of the design. Throughout the lobby and first floor area there are a series of waterways and fountains which are then translated into a second floor pool visually creating a water world of sorts. Not only is design an important feature but application is as well. By using a saltwater filtration system the Nap Patong has avoided having to use chlorine as a cleaning solution. Who really likes getting out of a pool smelling like chlorine?

While small, the fitness room is another clean and modern space allowing guests to squeeze that work out in to burn off all the eating and drinking from the night before. Fronted by a waterway and impressive tree it’s a smart way of continuing to bring nature into the center of the first floor. Work up a sweat as the ambient temperature is maintained at 77 degrees.

While not officially part of the Nap Patong, there is an on-site tour operator which can steer you in the right direction of daily activities to do during your visit. This is beneficial to have away from the sensory overload of figuring it out in the streets of Patong.

The Nap Patong offers a small flex space that can be used for corporate events or as meeting rooms. This is beneficial in that the room can be set up as you need. Corporate getaway anyone?

Whether you crave beach life or an urban adventure I think that the Nap Patong is the perfect place for you in that it can deliver on both ends of the travel spectrum. Not only is it a great place to stay but it feels like home with the friendly staff and clean modern facilities. When traveling to Phuket in the future the Nap Patong will be on the top of my list and I hope it will be on yours.

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