Taming The Wild: Bangkok Barbers

OMG you look so…rustic.  Look at your nails and hair.  What happened?  You look like you’ve just swung in from the jungle.  And please don’t give me some far-fetched story like you’ve been busy bathing elephants, playing with tigers and spending hours in the ocean gawking at beautiful beaches, corals, fish and men.   Eeew, I can barely bring myself to touch you.  I’m going to have to put a blindfold on…or better still go straight to the salon and let me know when you’re done.

Who doesn’t love a little pampering?  And whilst in Thailand there’s no reason not to with wonderful and affordable salons and spas everywhere.   Whilst you’ll probably have no trouble finding a great massage (Thais are extremely skilled in massage and there are massage shops everywhere), finding a great haircut may be a little more challenging.Salon7

Cutey and Beauty, a Bangkok favorite amongst resident gay foreigners, is a gay-operated hair salon located in the Silom area.  There are some really cute guys working here who specialize in cuts and colors for men (some have trained with international brands such as Tony & Guy and Vidal Sassoon).   A great haircut will set you back only 400bt (about $13).  They’ll also manicure and pedicure those nasty long claws and can rip off that body hair if you’re looking a little too grizzly.


What will really blow your mind is the Cutey Beauty facial.  No kidding – I’ve taken my mother and ex-girlfriend here (don’t ask) as well as various friends – all experts in facials – and they all agree that the Cutey Beauty facial is the best facial of their life.  It involves an hour of massage, herbal scrubs, toning, steam, peel and ends with an ozone zapper magic wand thing (I have no idea what it’s for but this is definitely my favorite part).


The therapists are skilled in an amazing facial massage technique – it’s hard to describe the feeling – it feels somewhat like a strong but gentle baby octopus using your face as a play thing (one friend even made me video tape them so she could learn their secret).  I’m told it takes them years to perfect this massage technique.  The best thing is, besides achieving zen-like states of relaxation, you come out looking fresh-faced, youthful and vibrant.  And all this for only 600bt – total bargain!Salon2

You’ll find Cutey Beauty on the 3rd floor of Thaniya Plaza (full of golfing shops and bargains, if you’re a golfer), which is just inside Soi Thaniya at Saladaeng sky train station.Jimmy

Another artist of the hair is the fabulous Jimmy, hairdresser to the stars.  He’s totally flamboyant and lovable – both in his personality and Edwards Scissorhands like style of cutting (don’t worry it always turns out well in the end).  You’ll find Jimmy’s salon (Specialist by Jimmy) just inside Soi Chula 11 (at Sam Yan MRT station, close to Silom).  Call 02 2160216 to make an appointment.

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